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bottle5 Our Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and Vitamin C Supplement doesn't just help your dog feel better. It helps heal your dog so his or her joints can function better. Dogs' joints tend to deteriorate with age, and the cost of such deterioration is stunningly high. You could be stuck paying for surgery, for endless vet appointments, and for piles of pain pills. Even after endless rounds of treatment and thousands of dollars down the drain, though, most dog owners find that their dogs don't see a complete improvement. Your dog deserves better, and you deserve to use your hard-earned money on something that actually works. Our supplement helps dogs suffering from the pain of arthritis and hip dysplasia. Within 14 days, you'll see less swelling and pain, and your dog will be happier and healthier. Check out the benefits our customers are raving about:
  • Our all-in-one formula means you don't have to fool with multiple pill bottles or wrestle your dog to get him or her to take multiple pills every day.
  • Our formula is all natural, using substances that your dog's body already produces.
  • This formula is safe and proven. Vets have recommended Glucosamine and Chondroitin to suffering dogs for decades. You don't have to worry that you're trying an experiment that won't work. Our formula is proven.
  • Your dog won't have to suffer the side effects of pain pills anymore. Our product allows your canine companion to life a happy and active life, completely pain-free.
  • Our maximum strength joint supplement contains three key ingredients that will help you see results. Featuring 500mg of Glucosamine Sulfate, 400 mg of Chondroitin Sulfate, and 166mg of Vitamin C, you don't have to worry that there are hidden ingredients or that our supplement is powerful enough.
We love our dogs, too, and we only offer products that we know can improve the lives of dogs and their owners. Our customers and their dogs know that our product works. Why Does My Dog Have Joint Problems? If you're like many of our customers, you've probably sat through endless vet appointments without ever getting a clear answer about why your dog is in pain. We believe that our customers deserve to be informed, and if you want to learn more about arthritis in dogs, we've prepared this helpful guide. Our formula is designed to directly and immediately address the health and nutritional challenges of joint problems: Glucosamine for Dogs Builds Cartilage.Glucosamine for Dogs - K9 Care Labs Cartilage is a type of connective tissue that helps cushion the bones. Cartilage tends to break down as a part of the natural aging process, and when it does, the bones can rub together, creating debilitating pain. To make matters worse, the aging process can destroy synovial fluid. This important chemical helps cushion your dog's joints, reducing friction. When both synovial fluid and cartilage break down, your dog can be in for a world of hurt. Glucosamine is a substance that your dog's body already naturally produces. Composed of sugar and an amino acid, it helps to build joint cartilage and synovial fluid. Because your dog's body already produces Glucosamine, it's perfectly safe and the body processes it quickly, which means you'll see rapid results. Chondroitin for Dogs Repairs Connective Tissue. You might wonder if there's any way to prevent cartilage and synovial fluid from breaking down in the first place, and Chondroitin is the answer to this conundrum. Like Glucosamine, Chondroitin occurs naturally in the body. It protects existing cartilage from destruction, and helps to rebuild cartilage that's already been damaged. Chondroitin also plays a pivotal role in helping the body restore lost synovial fluid. Without synovial fluid, your dogs joints absorb painful shocks every time your dog moves. Research also suggests that Chondroitin prevents the body from producing dangerous enzymes that harm joints. Vitamin C for Dogs Promotes Healing. If your mother ever made you take Vitamin C when you started getting sick, you probably already know that Vitamin C does a body good. Like Glucosamine and Chondroitin, Vitamin C is produced naturally in dogs' bodies, but production can slow due to age, illness, injury, or stress. Research shows that the most common cause of Vitamin C depletion is stress, and if your dog experiences joint pain, you can bet he or she is also experiencing stress. Our supplement gives your dog's body the jolt it needs to produce healthy quantities of this important vitamin. Vitamin C's benefits are myriad. It helps reduce the painful inflammation associated with joint disorders and injuries. It helps condition collagen, creating healthier connective tissue. It aids in healing, encouraging your dog's body to fight off infections and wounds and encouraging your dog's joints to heal. Research also suggests that Vitamin C can slow the progression of joint diseases. How to Use Our ProductGlucosamine for Dogs Dosage - K9 Care Labs We developed this product because we love our dogs and want other dog owners to see the massive improvements we've seen. We know this product works. We're so confident, in fact, that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Although most dogs experience a rapid improvement, wait four to six weeks for full results to kick in. As your dog begins to show improvements, reduce the dosage to maintenance levels. Active or injured dogs can increase their dose as needed to provide additional joint support. Our product is safe and natural, but no supplement is without risks. Consult your veterinarian before using if your dog is allergic to shellfish, has a blood-clotting disorder, is taking anticoagulant medication, has diabetes or a metabolic disorder that causes hyperglycemia, or has a history of urinary tract infections or kidney stones. If symptoms worsen, discontinue use and consult your veterinarian.  


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