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lab3We are David and Erin Brown, the owners of K9 Care Labs. We live and work in Northern California with our 2 boys and our Black and Chocolate Labrador Retrievers, Olive and Penny. Our family has fallen in love with this breed and they have been part of our lives for over 20 years, which is why you will see these wonderful and amazing animals highlighted on our packaging. We believe that through the personal care we have taken with our own dogs that they will live several years past what they would have without our love and attention to their emotional and physical health.

At K9 Care labs, we feel that we are part of a family of dog lovers and we are here to promote the Health and Wellbeing of all dog breeds.

Meet our Family

Glucosamine for Dogs Olive - Born May 15, 2012 Olive – Loves to be snuggled. Thinks she is a “Lap”rador Retriever and it makes me laugh when she tries to get in my lap every chance she gets, although she is about 50 lbs. Wakes me up every morning by jumping on the bed and looking at me from about 2 inches away from my face. If it was up to her, Olive would play ball with someone from the family 100% of the day. Our boys love to watch her chase the ball across the lawn and skid and try to stop when she misses it and runs right by it. Olive was quick to learn how to swim. She loves swimming with us and barking at the evil pool sweeper. Oh how happy she would be if she could actually dive down and catch it. She loves to swim behind the boys and try to catch their splashes. She has recently figured out how to make her own splashes and tries to bite them. She is so smart!

glucosamine chondroitin for dogs Penny - Born December 3rd, 2013 Penny is our quiet and mellow pup. She is a calm observer of everything. We sometimes find her in the backyard sitting in the sun just gazing off into the sky. Sometimes I wonder what she might be thinking. The spell of her calm and peaceful demeanor is broken quickly when her best bud Olive comes prancing by her, then it is “Game On” and the two of them start running and tumbling all over the lawn. It is so funny to watch. Even though Olive stands about a foot higher than Penny, Penny thinks she is all grown up and will pounce on Olives back and wrap her front paws around her to take her down. I can see the look of accomplishment in her eyes when she gets Olive on her back. “One, Two, Three, PIN!”

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